COGNITUM Software at Consumer Identity World USA 2019

The Consumer Identity World USA 2019 will take place from 25th till 27th September in Seattle. This year, the KuppingerCole Conference will focus on the future of Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) and the Customer Experience. COGNITUM Software will be represented with a session and panel discussion.

Customer Experience (CX) is the central starting point when it comes to the strategic definition of a CIAM. Managing millions of identities and handling several millions of interactions per day is a technical challenge that changes every day. However, ease of use, efficiency, and joy of use by the customer are indispensable prerequisites. At the same time, it is mandatory that every consumer can have controlled access to his personal data.

Managing customer information in a digitally changing economy with many business partners in need of access is one of today's biggest challenges and will continue to evolve rapidly. Understanding the wishes and requirements of customers and mapping them successfully in CIAM processes is the key to successful online business.

COGNITUM Software brings together the experience and expertise of nearly 20 years of identity and access governance and will share best practices in a session and a panel discussion:


26th of September 2019, 2:30‑3:30 pm

“CIAM as Key Factor for your Business Strategy

Be Prepared for the One Identity. Requirements, Impact and Benefits.”

The interactive presentation is addressed to those who are interested in the context about how Identity Management was, today is as it is, and looking forward to what the future might bring.

We have to struggle with separated accounts across all platforms and services. A minority of services supports nowadays account consolidation and centralized login procedures. We as the users of digital platforms of any kind for any purpose are individuals. Therefore should we be treated as digital individuals. Identity Professionals, as the insiders, are eager to implement and use any new and fancy technology and follow kinky Identity trends. What are useful trends for consolidated accounts, sovereign identities?

Dirk Wahlefeld will outline the future diversion of Identity from Access and touches on some more aspects, e.g. the necessity of standards and the influence of identity to other technological trends.


27th of September 2019, 11:3012:30 am

“User-Friendly Login Procedures

Panel: Balancing Authentication Security with User Adoption”

The panel will examine various approaches to balancing security and user experience. Various approaches to hardening an authentication process, the recent changes in industry standards and the different approaches across mobile and web channels will be discussed.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the options (CAPTCHAs, BOT Detection, Biometrics, Multi-factor authentication, Compromised credential detection, and other methods) in the context of consumer business requirements.

Key takeaways:

  • Authentication attack methods in consumer web
  • New industry standards for securing authentication
  • UX review of various authentication options
  • Understanding of multi-step, multi-factor and different authentication factor types