go:Identity is the preconfigured and extremely fast-to-use identity management solution that enables IAM / IAG for companies of all sizes through standards and best practice.

With the new go:Identity Release 2.5, the range of functions that can be used out-of-the-box is again supplemented by further best-practice functionalities.

The "Scoping" function is new, with which general separation of access can be defined for all relevant data in the system (identities, roles, organizational units, authorizations). This makes it possible to divide both the administration and the use of go:Identity by the end users into logical areas and, if necessary, separate them from one another. In this way, scenarios of separate administration for different countries, companies or other areas of a company can be implemented and at the same time the overall view and administration can still be made possible.

The new version brings a number of other new functions and improvements:

  •     Extended options in the IT shop: more options for using comment fields and improved performance for searches and categories.
  •     Improvements for e-mails: summary notifications for tasks and central HTML mail template for more design options.
  •     Workflow processing: mass decisions, view "Processes that I have started".
  •     Forms: binary attributes, references between objects (e.g. user godparents for identities), black list function for all attributes.
  •     New automation actions
  •     Improvements in UI / UX
  •     Improved task handling
  •     Import and export of workflow definitions
  •     Performance improvements (task history, search, identity data maintenance, mass role assignment, self service)
  •     Improved security (security headers, captcha)

To find out more about COGNITUM Software or go:Identity, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.cognitum-software.com.