go:Identity Webcast (german)

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2020-01-30 10:00

User and authorization management is placing ever greater demands on organizations. This applies equally to large as well as medium and small companies.

Without standardized processes and automated management of accounts and authorizations, the company faces serious consequences:

• Above average administrative effort

• High susceptibility to errors

• Auditor requirements are difficult to meet

• Sensitive data is not adequately protected

• For violations of the GDPR, penalties run into the millions

With go:Identity we offer a compact and inexpensive IAG solution with which these consequences can easily be avoided. It is based on our practical and product experience from numerous Identity & Access Management projects over the past 15 years.

In this webcast we will introduce you to the most important functions and possibilities of go:Identity.

Duration: ca. 1 hour.

The webcast will be held in german language.

Please contact us if you need a webcast in english language.


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