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COGNITUM Software combines many decades of experience in Identity and Access Governance to development our products. COGNITUM Software is part of the ITConcepts group of companies, a leading, global IT service provider and agnostic system integrator.

In today’s heterogeneous IT environments, Identity and Access Governance is a core component of a secure IT infrastructure. Based on our many decades of combined experience advising and implementing a variety of these solutions for our customers, we have we have developed our unique products with a distinct focus on saving customers time and money.

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Our Vision

We develop ‘Identity Management Software’ for anybody, which contains the essence of our IAG expertise. Instantly operational. Simply adaptable. Sustainable.

Our Mission

With our software, we want to make Identity and Access Management  available for every organisation.

Cognitum Software is part of the ITConcepts group of companies, a leading, world-wide IT service provider and system integrator.

As a subsidiary company COGNITUM Software is a member of the German federal association “IT-Sicherheit e.V.” (TeleTrusT), the largest competence group for IT security in Germany and Europe and develops solutions under the TeleTrusT trust sign “IT Security made in Germany”.

Sven Moog



Sven Moog is the founder and managing director of the the ITConcepts group of companies. Since the beginning of his career, he has focused on technological innovation.

He continues to follow that path with the incorporation of COGNITUM Software, to make Identity and Access Management simple, inexpensive and accessible to every organization.

Dirk Wahlefeld

Product Manager


Dirk Wahlefeld is responsible for the concept and execution of our product strategy. Previously he worked in similar roles for multiple global .

Dirk Wahlefeld has been in the IT business for nearly 20 years. Within that time he gained a lot of expertise in IT Security and specifically in Identity and Access Management.

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