Cognitum - Application Development
Develop applications with flexible standards, control and security
Cognitum is a development platform for creating standardised and highly secure JAVA-based web applications. It minimizes the effort for application developers and provides simple integration with existing organisational data and other applications.

How can Cognitum help?

Cognitum is seamlessly integrated into a customer IT environment and provides a common platform with a comprehensive package of configurable services for all of your data management needs. In addition, Cognitum increases security, efficiency and productivity in conjunction with user information management, access control and resource allocation.

Typical Use Cases for application development with Cognitum


Complicated password reset

Administrators in a company's Support department found they often spent too much time helping users reset their passwords. They wanted a solution that would allow users to handle it themselves, even though the process is particularly sensitive from a security point of view.

Provide users with safe password reset mode

Cognitum made it possible to quickly generate a web interface that is specifically linked to the data of users who have forgotten their password. The user then has the option to send a reset link to his or her email, smartphone, manager or assistant, with two-factor authentication to increase the security of the process if desired.


Processing of requests for the use of company vehicles took too long

At a global organisation, employees had to complete paper-based requests whenever they wanted to use company vehicles. The time required to process a request was often too great, and the laborious post-processing required too much time and caused user dissatisfaction.

Rationalize requests through electronic workflow processes

Using the Cognitum workflow system rationalized the requests and made it easier to track them. Creating forms that are generated on the fly for various tasks by the actors in the approval process allowed the project to be implemented quickly. Thanks to better traceability of the internal requests, the organisation is more efficient.


Trouble finding the right contact person

It was sometimes difficult for employees to quickly find out who the relevant contact person was when completing their tasks. As a result, they failed to follow certain hierarchical rules and were much less efficient. Their entrepreneurial spirit also suffered due to a lack of understanding of the organization.

Set up a white-pages app and a dynamic organisation chart

Cognitum was used to create search forms for people and company departments, as well as implementing the dynamic organisational chart from Cognitum (OrgChart option). That combination made it possible to clearly identify hierarchical dependencies between people and the connections between the various departments in the organisation.

Cognitum Components

Cognitum includes multiple components that work together to provide a visual design and runtime environment that accesses LDAP, RDBMS and other data sources. Cognitum manages the complex tasks of data organisation. That frees up time for application developers and allows them to put more energy into important tasks like business policies and the user presentation layer so they can develop effective interfaces and applications. Cognitum simplifies the planning, development and usage of web-based directory services and applications, and it improves the quality and precision of its central directory-service content.

  • Cognitum Development Studio is a wizard-based graphical development environment for developing user interfaces and business logic specifications. It includes a Form Designer and a Workflow Process Designer

  • Cognitum Console is the core development and management environment

  • Cognitum Data Management Services supports the integration of different data sources into Cognitum applications

  • Cognitum Application Server is a proven application engine that runs on most servlet engines. Cognitum connects to the webserver, while the Cognitum application engine manages applications and publishes run-time functions.

Cognitum Features

  • The visual development environment allows for quick creation of prototypes and offers iterative design options

  • Open and scalable architecture based on standard technology (e.g. JAVA and XML)

  • Platform-independent

  • The SOA-compliant framework allows the simple integration of applications both within and outside the Cognitum platform

  • Internationaliation allows multi-language interfaces for applications that are developed using Cognitum Frameworks

Cognitum – available applications

Cognitum is a modular solution and offers additional application packages and modules on the platform, with the following functions:

Cognitum Workflow

Cognitum Workflow – a browser-based, graphical process designer and management tool to create business procedures. These can then be edited by process participants in a browser-based user interface.

Other products from COGNITUM Software

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