COGNITUM Software Support
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Support Services

Naturally, we provide support for our customers in using our products.

You can choose between 2 standard support models. In addition, there is the option of individually arranged support services as well as operating models.

The COGNITUM Software Service Desk uses an IT Service Management System (ITSM) for your product support in the event of service requests and customer inquiries. Authorized contacts can use the ITSM system online to contact the Service Desk. It can also be reached by phone and email.

Support contact options

Online - Web:


  • DE + EN:  +49 5361 834 9528
  • FR:  +33 769 860229

COGNITUM Software Silver

  • 9x5 Support (9 hours, Mon-Fri)
  • Priority levels:
    "critical", "high", "medium", "low"
  • Response times: 1, 4, 8 and 24 hours
  • Support hours: 8 am - 5 pm (CET/CEST)

COGNITUM Software Gold

Like Silver, but different
  • 24x7 Support (24 hours, Mon-Sun)
  • Support hours: 24 hours a day

Consulting Services

COGNITUM Software specializes in implementing of solutions that automate and improve business processes. Our focus is on Identity & Access Management, IT security and software development.

We support our customers with a focus on building long-term relationships.

  • Skilled consulting

  • Business-proven software solutions

  • IT experts with many years of experience

  • Professional support throughout the entire life cycle of the solutions

Thanks to the experience and technical know-how of our employees, we are able to implement innovative solutions in the shortest possible time, with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Do you have any expansion requests or questions that go beyond normal software support? Talk to us if we can help you with your requirements.