COGNITUM Software adds file share permissions analysis function to go:Identity

go:Identity, the identity management appliance from COGNITUM Software, now displays file share permissions in the context of identities. For this purpose, NTFS permissions are correlated with actual memberships in AD groups. This new feature brings more transparency to your access management of fileshares.

You want to know what your users effectively have access to. You also need this information for your file servers, which are secured by Active Directory® group permissions. Often, however, the actual permissions are difficult to determine here, because they are stored in the so-called ACLs (Access Control List) and are not displayed in the AD administration.

go:Identity now offers a display and analysis function for fileshare authorization. It links permission information from ACLs to AD users and their accounts, group memberships and identity information. This way, all fileshare permissions of an identity or all access rights to a specific fileshare folder can be displayed. This also makes any unintentionally granted and dangerous exceptions visible.

The information is displayed in the central permissions view of the identities. This allows you to answer questions easily and quickly about effective permissions on folders in fileshares.

Interested? You can find more information about fileshare permission analysis here. You are also welcome to contact us directly.